by Kait Fowlie
With the hot weather upon us, and lots of travelling via bicycle, that means copious opportunities for sullying your two wheeled steed. ‘Tis the season for bike repairs, but it’s not always easy to get around to it – perhaps as much as my heart always breaks when I see the mangled corpse of a bike frame chained up somewhere in the city, it pains me to shell out a wad of cash for upkeep. Luckily, Bike Pirates is making it easy for you. “Fix Your Bike Day” is taking place at Holy Oak Café (1241 Bloor St. West, at Lansdowne) this Sunday June 6th. From noon to 4 pm, bring your bike to Holy Oak for repairs or advice from the independent DIY collective for free. This event will go down on the first Sunday of every month from May to October. Bike Pirates have you covered during the summer months !