Today’s artist is Amy Bowles, a painter represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art. You may also know her as a member of Toronto bands Pony da Look and Permafrown. Check her out this Friday at Thrush Holmes Empire for

What does the term BITCH SLAP mean to you?

What art will you showcasing at the show?
I will be showing a small oil painting of a shadowy man. He offers his hand out…to be kissed? To be shaken? To be slapped?

What interests you most in life?
I am interested in being alive, communicating with wide eyes, listening for the off beat, rooting for the wild ones, sniffing out the hidden wizards, waiting for the light to go on and drinking to it.
I am interested in the power of suggestion.

What oddities do you cherish?
I cherish my collections of art and ceramic sculptures. I cherish the jewelry and art work that my father has made me. I cherish the memories of the strange and wonderful plays I have acted and sung in (a wink to Alex Wolfson).

Do you remember a perfect day? What did it look like?
It looked like an emerald ring warmed by the soft under plumage of a tawny owls wing, I remember it as if it were today.

What do you love most about being a woman?
I love that I can and have given birth.
I love being a girlfriend, a mother and a daughter.
I love the relationships that I have with other women.

If you were a song on our stereo, what would be playing?
I’d be Uriah Heep – Look at Yourself

BITCH SLAP WILL BE like_____________________.
A tender caress from a sandpaper hand. A scratch and sniff lizards tongue collage. It will be a golden ticket!