So Dustin, Cy and I are watching Bob the Builder earlier tonight, a welcome respite from the one Fireman Sam episode we’ve been forced to watch well over a hundred times in the last few weeks (if anyone from Bell FIBE TV is reading this right now, please, please, please add more episodes to your TreeHouse on Demand menu – I promise to pay all my cable bills on time from now on!)

Cy’s been obsessed with trucks for the last little while so it was no surprise when Bob the Builder, a popular children’s show about a building contractor and his crew of work vehicle friends, instantly became one of his favourites.

Working along side Bob the Builder and his business partner Wendy, are Muck the bulldozer, Scoop the backhoe loader, Dizzy the cement truck, Rolley the road roller, and Lofty, a blue crane. Cy knows them all by name of course. Tonight Dust asked, “Which is your favourite?”

To which Cy replied, “Babcia!”

Trucks may be cool and all, but nothing compares to Grandma. Mom and Dad get all the hard, thankless work like middle of the night feedings, disciplining and the tortures that are endless Fireman Sam reruns. And grandparents swoop in and get all the glory.

I guess as a parent, you just have to wait a generation to start collecting the love dividends.