You cannot go to the opera, but you can bring the opera to you.
Tapestry Opera announced yesterday that they will be offering curbside performances, or what they’re calling “Box Concerts”, from now until October 1st.
The Company, with support from Soulpepper Theatre, will be doing a series of free concerts for care homes, and frontline workers (which you can help support), but they are also encouraging Torontonians to book a show, and rally neighbours to pitch in for front-porch /balcony viewing. We think this is a magnificent way to evoke some truly out-of-the-ordinary inspiration and cheer that the entire community can appreciate and feel.
In terms of how this looks, performances will arrive on a travelling “box stage” that singers and instrumentalists can perform from, making The Opera accessible to all neighbourhoods! SO COOL.
“Live music outdoors and at safe distances will be a welcome relief and pleasure for folks suffering from screen overload and missing human connection,” says Tapestry Opera Artistic Director, Michael Mori. “With so many more people spending time at home, we wanted to find a new way to bring dynamic performances to you, in this case…on a flatbed.”

Got any milestone birthdays or wedding anniversaries on the horizon? This would certainly be a welcomed change from a festivity on ZOOM.  Watching the video above, from their first nursing home concert, nearly had us in tears.
As big believers in art, we think this endeavour is a wonderful way to add music and vibrancy to our city streets—an occasion to look forward to that will undoubtedly invigorate the senses, and calm the mind.
Do something special for a loved one that also supports Toronto performers! Get more info and book your very own “Box Concert” here