When I first saw this bad-ass beauty give the ultimate hair sashay in My World, I fell in lust with Australian breakout rapper Iggy Azalea. And so has New York breakout rapper A$AP Rocky, but that’s another conversation all together.

Her other video, Pu$$y, has an intro that reminds me of teenage sleepovers, but the more rebellious kind, where you snuck away to the neighbourhood park to smoke a cigarette. And they say the P-word a lot. NSFW. I love a girl in highwaisted yellow pants looking cool on a porch, saying “Taste the rainbow, here’s my skittles.” Iggy Azalea is my summer soundtrack.

After her meet & greet at Get Fresh Co. Iggy and her crew made Wrongbar all kinds of sweaty last Friday night for her first Canadian gig, and unlike a few other big-online-but-sucky-live peeps, her live talent was amazing and full of energy, with Iggy rapping her face off to the eager crowd of “Azaleans.” And she looks like a fly Barbie. And her hand was buttery soft! OMG! I love her signature style: high & sleek bleach blonde ponytail, crop top and high waisted skirt that showed off her curves and enviable boo-tay. She worked it onstage and ‘made it rain’, throwing out $10s and $5s, crowd surfed and even jumped offstage and rapped for a little bit right in the middle of the throng of fans. As much as she’s a screw-faced velociraptor during songs, she acted like your bestie in between. Afterwards she fended off post-performance burnout and let everyone snap a fan pic with her. She really does love her fans and couldn’t have put in more effort to make sure everyone had an awesome time. And I’m sure all the little Azaleans out there are still buzzzzzzing about their up-close-and-personal Iggy-fied experience.

~ Becca Lemire

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)