There is something more than music going on onstage when it comes to Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose. There is something to the song-writing and musicianship that doesn’t come around everyday. 

Start with the infinite appeal of the melange of male and female voices (enter Edward Sharpe, Fleetwood Mac, Arcade Fire, and on and on and on and on).  Add to that a lady-fiddler, a swoon-worthy tambouriner/crooner, some serious shredding and a sense of unity and friendship that makes Barney’s Backyard Gang look like a battlefield and you’ve got your audience purring and lulled into the sweetest trance.  General swaying, peppered with spontaneous fits of crumping, fist-pumping and of course emphatic chanting of those four sweet letters, L, O, V, E, without a trace of your classic don’t-wanna-dance-cause-I’m-too-into-the-vibe snobbery.

Pure bliss at the ‘Shoe.  It’s almost too good to give too much away. If you love music, if you love focused songwriting, if you love beautiful sounds, if you like feeling good, GO SEE A SHOW.

~ Annie Webber