Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and requires the same kind of meticulous detail as managing a project for work. There is a budget, hard deadlines, delivery dates and various people are usually responsible for different tasks. This isn’t to say it can’t be fun, but when you combine the event planning to-do’s with family dynamics and agile emotions….well, you’ve seen the movies. Oh, but we have a secret tool!! Windows 7 will alleviate stress in stressful times and sure beats hiring a Franck Eggelhoffer.

What’s a particularly annoying thing? Receiving an email with photos the size of Spain that takes thirty minutes to download, eats up memory with files so big that you can’t even see them in their entirety and are forced to move your mouse around to decipher what the heck you are even looking at. AGHHHH!!!! Can you feel the fury? No more! Windows 7 has PhotoGallery and PhotoEmail that allow you to send emails with images in the form of a collage. When the receiver decides which images they want, they can just click on a link on SkyDrive where they can easily download. VIDEO 

Imagine how much easier it would be to forward your mom venue options with this tool? Or how clean the process would be for bridesmaids to pick their style of dress! Trust us, the key to enjoying the planning is to simplify. Everything.

Beyond pics, SkyDrive also lets Windows 7 users share documents, seating arrangements or budget so that updates and changes are easily noted. Every Windows Live user gets 25mb of free storage with Skydrive.

It’s all in the details! But the details take organization. Think back on all the weddings you’ve attended, what do you remember most fondly? The way a particular path was lit, the romantic song chosen for the first dance that you would have never considered, or a bonfire by the water that went late into the night.

We went East to Leslieville to interview Allyson Bobbit and Sarah Bell of Bobbette and Belle artisanal pastries to talk about the most delicious detail a wedding can have: CAKE!

Bobbette and Belle is located at 1121 Queen St. East. If you have never been to this gorgeous dessert haven, you’re in for a treat! Plush white sofas offer up wide street views or stare at the walls lined with designer cakes; it’s a lovely space to enjoy a sweet and coffee on a lazy Sunday.