For Canada Day, it’s all about getting local. Support your favourite home-grown businesses by serving up a delicious, locally-sourced meal. Whether you’re celebrating up north with a dockside picnic, or laying out a spread in your backyard, nothing tastes better or fresher then a meal prepared with ingredients bought right here at home. After all, good things grow in Ontario. (I heard that somewhere.)

The Invitations Hit up a Goodwill, Kensington Market, or take the shirt off someone’s back, to make adorable invites on scraps of plaid flannel: safety pin a thick, cream, handwritten card with info to squares of the cozy Canadian fabric.

The Decor should suggest everything that’s great about Canada in the summer-think torches, fairy lights, and classically Canadian citronella candles.

The Food should be all local, and all delicious:

Cookstown Greens make delicious salad mixes-which include flowers and rich colours of delicious, in season leafy greens.

For sides of veggies, grab some delicious recipes from Toronto Sprouts .

For a main, grab your meats from Cumbrae’s . Glaze some pan-friend chicken with Redhead Pantry’s Honey Peach Jalapeno Dipping Sauce.

For dessert, order up The Cupcake Shoppe’s Eh? Cupcakes, which are vanilla with maple buttercream. Mmm.

The Drink: Offer Canadian Club on the rocks, or beer from a local brewery like Steam Whistle, Mill St., or Great Lakes.