I love to travel, and on top of that, my family lives scattered around the world. I try to make my transportation choices as environmentally responsible as possible (I’ve Greyhounded across the continent more than a few times), but often, money, geography or time constraints restrict your options. The amount of frequent flyer miles I rack up has been giving me a guilty conscience lately, so on the eve of a flight to Chicago for Pitchfork Fest, I decided to buy carbon offsets to neutralize my flight. While I know it’s not a perfect solution, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

I used the Pitchfork-recommended Terrapass. The site is affordable, easy to get around, and allows you a few options. I selected to offset a year of flying. You can also calculate your yearly carbon footprint and offset the total, which I plan to do when I get back. They have programs for businesses and organizations as well. SO EASY! What are you waiting for?

~ Haley Cullingham