Of all the fundraisers and major galas in Toronto, Power Ball continues to be our absolute favourite. Why? It’s outrageous.

On June 14th, more than 1700 guests will congregate at The Power Plant gallery for a night of outlandish behaviour. The space at Harbourfront will be transformed into a sort of adult playground: provocative installations, impromptu performance and a maze of quasi theatrical entertainment that is heightened with lotsa booze. It’s not unheard of for people to derobe and descend into a hot tub nor is it a surprise when couples disappear in secret nooks to make out for a hidden camera. Weird things happen when you mix socialites with drag queens, artists and stock brokers; it’s a breeding ground for risqué role playing. Well, we think so anyway. At the very least we can assure you that it is a most vibrant scene.

We’ve seen dancing panda bears, rowdy girls on rollerskates, people dressed as evil barnyard animals, fake bum masks and in 2009 we dared to wear a President’s Choice backyard waste paper bag. Sometimes there’s a pig on a spit, last year there was a cow. Once, a woman decided to stain her white dress with red paint…to look like a giant period stain. See, weird shit happens. We like that.

This year, we are extra excited about the theme: Quarter-Life Crisis. The press release describes it as “an evening poised to animate the most joyful and tumultous aspects of turning 25.” Unemployed, debaucherous, too much skin, the forever student, broke, ballsy, a crying-sobbing mess. What does 25 look like to you? Maybe you are 25…in that case, you ARE the party! So, how does one dress for this? Let your creativity dictate your outfit; there is nothing too bizarre but do have your artistic statement ready.

Power Plant truly brings some of the most thought provoking, at times controversial, contemporary art to Toronto. That’s worth supporting! 


Sound like your kind of thing? Lucky for you we have tickets to give away to this sold out art extravaganza. Generously donated by Maverick PR, follow us on Twitter and RT: I need to go to Power Ball because I am a Quarter Life Crisis with @maverick_pr #PowerBallTO

The tickets are two general party tickets, valued at $165 each. GO FOR IT.

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