Travel to 1970’s Paris with Rufus Wainwright’s Opera
Prima Donna, the opera by the wonderful Rufus Wainwright, premieres in North America with this Luminato production. Telling the tale of a fallen diva who, following a romantic re-birth, contemplates returning to the stage, this is bound to be one of the most talked-about events at the festival. Buy tickets now.

On June 19th, A Classy Night at the Symphony for Insomniacs
Featuring a full cast of soloists from the Toronto Mendelssohn choir, the Toronto Sympony Orchestra will perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at 11 pm. Go for a long, late European style dinner then wind your way through the city streets to the symphony.

See John Malkovich Portray a Seductive Serial Killer in this Part Opera, Part Theatre, Part Concert
The tale of an imprisoned Austrian man who became a literary celebrity after writing a moving autobiography, only to be released and murder 11 more women. John Malkovich brings this terrifying character to life in The Infernal Comedy, a performance that blends acting, opera, and music for a truly memorable spectacle. You can also catch a free screening of Being John Malkovich at the NFB Mediatheque on June 12th at 8 pm, and a doc about the making of Infernal Comedy on June 12th at 7 pm.

See Compelling Photos of Some of the World’s Great Divas: Janis, Annie, Cher, Liza and More
In Yonge-Dundas Square, photos from the Black Star Collection at Ryerson University capturing some of the world’s most famous and talented women will be on display. In 2005, these images were anonymously donated to Ryerson from the New York studio.

Four Canadian Authors Give a Free Talk on Canada’s Influential Geography
From Vancouver to St. John’s, these authors will discuss what geographical location in a country full of immigrants really means. Lynn Coady, Lorna Crozier, Anosh Irani and Michael Winter examine the festival’s East-West theme.

In A Free Screening, Muslim Women Discuss The Hijab
(un)veiled: Muslim Women Talk About The Hijab is a documentary speaking with modern women in Dubai about the meaning of feminism, and the cultural symbol the Hijab has become. June 17th, 5 pm @ NFB Mediatheque

The iconic Jim Henson masterpiece starring David Bowie’s ballsack screens at NFB Mediatheque. Sing along, delight in muppets, and admire Jennifer Connelly’s youthful bone structure. June 19th, 1 pm. NFB Mediatheque. Other great screenings in this series include Princess Mononoke (June 19th, 3 pm) and The Dark Crystal (June 19th, 11 am).

Nom Nom Nom
On the closing weekend of the festival (June 19th and 20th), President’s Choice presents an outdoor extravaganza prepared by the city’s finest chefs. Everything is only $5!