Champers, bronzed bodies, gold dust and ALL ACCESS: Becca and Jen's Absolutely Fabulous ALTER EGOS do TIFF 2012

If it’s not glamorous, we won’t be there.

At TIFF 2012, Becca and I will ONLY find the MOST GLAMOUROUS and VIP events to cover. We won’t wait in lines. We will rub shoulders with A-listers. We will probably get signed to do something major with Harvey Weinstein. If we don’t talk to you, it’s because you’re not on the guest list. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is for the next ten days. Each night, we will hit the parties…decked out in all of our TIFF swag. Come morning, we will share our VIP adventures with you. It’s going to be absolutely fabulous. See you at Nikki Beach, Bitch.

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