There is revolution in her eyes. Like two blue sapphires they shine and sparkle from across the street, signaling a change that is coming. He stares at her from within the crowd and slowly inches forward, trying to meet her gaze. She is a warrior, he can tell. Beneath the long brown hair and the large earrings that frame her small face, their lies a fighter willing to do what it takes to make a change. She is tired of being told what to do and wants to make her life her own.

As the protest crowd continues to grow in number so does his attraction and he finds himself side by side with his goddess. Their eyes meet and she grabs his hand, speaking without words they march forward into the future, into change, into love…

The New Year is all about change. New job, new love, or if you are lucky a new wardrobe! However the last option is less likely in these dreary economic times. Today less is more and reinventing the old into new styles is the key to looking current for any Vintage Vixen. Thankfully fashion trends for Spring 09 seem to be following suit. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren accessorized their models with massive vintage inspired earrings for their Spring 09 shows. The bigger the better! The styles were reminiscent of the outrageously large earrings that were popular in the sixties. Back then; fashion was (and still is) greatly influenced by the political and social changes that were taking place. Women were liberating themselves from the tailored and conservative styles of the 1950’s. The mini skirt was in and looking matronly was out. Accessories were no exception. Big earrings made of Lucite and Bakelite in a variety of pastel and bright neon colours were all the rage.

Today looking on trend can be as simple as rifling through grandma’s jewellery box and fishing out the most dramatic pair of earrings and making them your own. Pair the earrings with sleek hair and clothing that has minimal volume. Peace, love and recession friendly earrings!