Condom delivery? Ring our bell anytime, Lucky Bloke!

You know what looks smarter on your nightstand than volumes of Pynchon and a pair of tortoiseshell glasses? A box of condoms. And a guaranteed way to make sure you’re always stocked up is with Lucky Bloke, a condom delivery service that has your man covered. PUNS ARE WHAT WE DO, PEOPLE!

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re too damn busy or too damn bashful to pick up a box, there’s no excuse not to be safe when it comes to sex. While we can’t tell you anything that seventh grade Sex Ed hasn’t already, indulge us for a moment: Deciding to wear a condom takes two seconds, and the consequences for not wearing one can last a lifetime. That’s some pretty simple math. Lucky Bloke doesn’t just make condoms convenient, they make them sexy. You can go online, pick a size, your preferences (Lubricated? Non-latex? Ribbed?) and a curated selection of what Lucky Bloke consider to be the best condoms out there (we’re talking flavoured condoms that use only natural extracts, and other such goodies) will appear on the screen. Make your selections, then it’s on to lube! You can add bottles or pillow packs to your cart.

They offer one-time or monthly delivery, and 10% of every purchase goes to a variety of humanitarian organizations. Condoms for a cause, people! (Actually, your health and safety are cause enough for us, this is just the cherry on the sexy sundae.)

Something else excellent? Lucky Bloke offers pleasure packs, which include aphrodisiac chocolate, silk blindfolds, and oils, delivered once a month to your door. A sexy delivery like this makes an excellent bachelorette gift. Or any kind of gift. Including to yourself.

~ Haley Cullingham

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