I mean, sure, okay… technically, you were supposed to get married first. It’s just a fact. One that you kind of thought was, you know, agreed upon with the two of you. Not that you mind of course!

It’s just, well – you’ve been dating your boyfriend for longer than she has. Like, four years longer. But who’s counting, am I right?

And yes, you do clip articles out of newspapers that talk about great ways to save on your wedding and neat wedding ideas. But everyone probably does that!

And there was that time you were babysitting and you started copying all the wedding notes of the woman you were sitting for, since she was getting married in the spring and happened to leave those out. Totally normal.

It probably doesn’t even matter that your BlackBerry is filled with images of cool wedding dresses you see in windows. I bet her Android is filled with the same photos. Probably.

And don’t worry about the fact that your mom faked not being excited because she felt bad for you. I bet you didn’t even mind that she told you she doesn’t want you to feel pressured that you’re not getting married! I know it didn’t make you feel more pressured at all.

As for your boyfriend, trust me, he doesn’t mind that you’re technically obligated to be even more wedding crazy now! I bet he really likes that you have a legitimate excuse to order wedding magazines and actually go try on dresses (bridesmaid ones, obvi. You’re totally not going to secretly try on wedding dresses too or anything).

Oh, and if you think all your mutual friends will notice that your best friend has all the greatest wedding ideas, and yours look like they were put together hastily because you gave all your best ideas to your bestie – rest easy, friend! Your boyfriend probably won’t propose to you for at least five years, so you’ll have plenty of time to think of new ideas!

But listen up. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. After all, there are five important things to remember.

1. She’s your best friend, and you’re incredibly excited for her
2. Her fiancé can grow a really, really impressive beard
3. You finally get to be in a wedding party
4. Open bar
5. She has to figure out all the hard stuff first and can do everything for you when it’s your turn 

And it will be. Soon. Right, honey?

~ Shannon M