Cure that #quarantinelife monotony by taking one of these amazing online classes that Second City Toronto just launched! Honestly, life is an absolute shit-show right now, perhaps laughter is the best way to keep you motivated? We need it. 

When we heard that Second City was quickly reorganizing to allow Canadians to access courses online we thought “that’s cool”, but when we saw just how robust the offerings are, we got physically excited. Satirical Sketch Comedy Writing, Stand-Up 101, Writing for Late-Night TV, Writing Satire For The Internet, the list goes on and on. What comedy class would you take? There are so many to choose from

Beyond adult classes, designed for comedy lovers of all levels, Second City also has terrific options for teens. I’m sure some of you parents are feeling a little desperate to find your kid something that they can engage in, learn from, that will also help boost confidence instead of day after day of languishing on the couch. 

Find a course that lights you up, and let comedy help keep you connected.