Consent is a hot topic. But how do we talk about it – to women and girls, to men and boys?  

Nightwood is expanding the dialogue in a Consent Event Symposium on October 15th at Streetcar Crowsnest (345 Carlaw Ave). With two panel discussions, Get Consent and Sex Talk, you’ll hear from a diverse group of experts, activists and playwrights. Panelists include Deepa Mattoo, Trevor Mayoh, Wendy De Souza, Carly Boyce, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Carlyle Jansen and Andrew Gurza. 

These potent conversations will be captured visually by artist and illustrator, Izzy Treyvaud, while therapist Alexia Dyer will be on hand to offer support to attendees during the event. Learn to convey what constitutes healthy relationships, boundary setting and enthusiastic consent. 

Details here.