Visually stunning and with knockout performances, Ryan Noth’s Drifting Snow is a quiet and introspective film that explores grief and rural life, set against the backdrop of Ontario’s breathtakingly beautiful Prince Edward County.

The film follows two strangers, Joanne (Sonja Smits) and Chris (Jonas Bonnetta), who make the best of a nighttime car accident by sharing a road trip together the next day. As a snow storm rolls across their route, their past year in Prince Edward County floats through each of their minds. After losing her husband John (Colin Mochrie) a year ago, Joanne faces the rituals of remote rural life on her own. Processing the loss of his mother by taking care of her old home in the country with his sister (Rachel Bonnetta), Chris struggles to convince his girlfriend (Jess Salguiero) to join him outside the city. As their journey together unfolds, their drifting memories reveal parallel experiences, helping each of them shift the focus of their destination.

From start to finish, Drifting Snow is a mesmerizing film, and the striking natural beauty of the land is a character in and onto itself, giving the film a meditative pacing. Heavy and relatable topics are handled with tender care which results in a cathartic watch, with equal attention given to the nuances of intimate conversation as the emotive textures of the landscape. 

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This film is a testament to the remarkable talent in this country. Watch the trailer now.  

Distributed by Game Theory Films, Drifting Snow is now available on iTunes Canada, Apple TV, Vimeo On Demand and Shaw on Demand.