Get ready to A) feel all the feelings and B) dream of a summer vacation in Newfoundland. An Audience of Chairs is an absolutely stunning film that shares an honest portrait of a family in crisis when mental illness goes unchecked for too long. 

Based on the award-winning book of the same name, An Audience of Chairs tells the story of a young mother, Maura, exquisitely played by Carolina Bartczak, who is trying to juggle the demands of solo parenting while keeping up her career as a classical pianist, but all the while she is struggling with bipolar disorder. As her mind sickens, she makes a few life-threatening errors that eventually cause the family to split. 

Gut-wrenching, this poignant film shows how quickly life can unravel, and the devastating consequences that can occur, when mental illness has free rein on the brain. It is also a story of survival, the choices an artist makes when living with a disease, and how those choices affect their mind, path, and life around them. 

Beyond being an entirely captivating story, and one that almost everyone can relate to on a certain level, An Audience of Chairs is visually exquisite, with a score that will settle deep into your core and move you.

Deanne Foley has, once again, created something truly remarkable, and we hope you will go see it. 

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An Audience of Chairs opens in select theatres on March 22. Watch the trailer now