We never miss AGO Massive because AGO Massive is our favourite B-I-G ** A-R-T ** P-A-R-T-Y! Be bold, be colourful, be weird. BE A GODDAMN MACHINE.

On Thursday, April 27, join us and 1900 other art-lovin’ citizens for late-night revelry that will have you exploring the AGO in the most fun way, and leave you questioning your very existence. (Art can get heavy, guys, especially when we talk about machines taking over.)

Grab a drink and shuffle up, down, and all around. Artists will create three distinct spaces within the party – Industrial, Digital and Space – transporting partygoers through a spectacular night of mechanical wonder.

Hit the dance floor, snap pics, munch, tease, spin, chat, experiment, or do whatever tickles your fancy and then get a moment of reprieve in the newly opened Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition.

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AGO Machine Age Massive Contest: It’s a three-way!

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Now in its 13th year, Massive Party raises important funds that support the AGO’s public programming and learning activities and the care and conservation of our collection, and provides opportunities for local and regional artists to animate the Gallery through exhibitions, installations and interventions.