Here at SDTC, we have a lot of amazing contributors, and most of them have some seriously cool gigs outside of their work for our site. In this new column, we share some of the awesome stuff they have going on with you. 

When you walk past a photo booth, even in this age of instant selfies, don’t you feel a strange lure? A desire to go inside? There’s a sense of intimacy created behind that musty curtain, and the muffled pop of the flash can sound forlorn, or funny, depending on who’s squished on the wooden seat next to you. These booths are disappearing, but SDTC’s resident illustrator is endeavouring to make sure the photobooth isn’t forgotten.

When our editorial team receives a piece that just can’t be captured in a photograph, we turn to Meags to create an image with more nuance. Her beautiful illustrations work with the text to create a sense of where the author is coming from.

Meags is an interdisciplinary artist. In addition to her illustration work, she creates trinkets to sell on her Etsy shop, Two Hands Two Crowns. And right now, she’s working on something extremely cool: A graphic novel called Photobooth, A Biography

For the novel, Meags travelled around the world collecting stories from technicians, owners, and enthusiasts, capturing both the look and the legend behind the last photobooths standing. Her book is out on Conundrum Press in 2014, and in the meantime you can order photobooth prints here.

Find Meags’s work on SDTC here: 

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For more Meags, visit her website.