The other week, a courier dropped off a very naughty care package from The Everything To Do With Sex Show. Shedoesthecity was asked to test out a delicious assortment of sex toys that included the following:

– WeVibe III vibrator
– We Vibe Touch vibrator
– Set of leather cuffs from Aslan Leather
– A dream bullet

We passed the basket along to our resident sex toy lady, Cordelia Comealot. She spent the weekend thoroughly testing out each item; below are her findings regarding the WeVibe III.


Hi there! My name is Cordelia Comealot. I love having orgasms. I mean, who doesn’t? I orgasm at least once a day. Sometimes with my lover, sometimes after my 2pm tea break. I find that orgasms help with my stress, my complexion and overall happiness; so I make sure that getting off is as regular as brushing my teeth!

Although Jen ate the shortbread ass cookie that came in the care package, she kindly gifted me the three vibrators and Aslan leather cuffs that were sent to her from the Everything To Do With Sex Show. Over the next three days, I’ll share with you how I used each toy.

Testing out the WeVibe III

This is a vibrator for couples, so I invited my lover over for potato & leek soup followed by mind-blowing intercourse. (On chilly fall nights, both provide a source of comfort.) 

Foreplay started in the kitchen. The oven was still warm, so I pressed him against the stove and started rubbing his cock while showering his neck with some sweet wet kisses. 

After I felt he was hard, I fumbled to get his belt off, unzipped his pants and got down on my knees. I started with a few licks to tease him, got my mouth nice and juicy and then took it all in. I like to hum and make noises when I suck his dick, it makes me excited and I know he can feel the vibrations. 

As I sucked, spat and pushed my lips and tongue around him, over and over again, I reached down my stockings to touch myself. Oh yes, totally wet. I stood up and pushed my wet finger into his mouth and then ran the palm of my hands along his jaw. 

“You wanna fuck?” 

“Mmm hmmm.” 

I grabbed a glass of water and we made our way upstairs. I had already briefed him that tonight’s fuck session would include experimenting with the new WeVibe III that Shedoesthecity had given me. 

We got upstairs and I pushed him down on the bed. I pulled off his pants and gave him a smattering of noisy kisses on his inner thighs. I spat on my hand and began to stroke his balls. Hard and moaning, I squatted over top and pushed myself onto him. I went up and down about two dozen times, clenching my pussy. Sometimes, I like to ride him right at the tip a few times and then BAM, all the way down. I play with speed, lock eyes with him and tell him to squeeze my nipples. 

“Wanna try the WeVibe now?”


There are many ways of doing this but the easiest way to start is in the missionary position. The WeVibe III is a u-shape; it’s puzzling at first to know how to use. Basically, you kinda clamp it like a mini horseshoe so that one part is inside your vagina and the other stimulates your clit. Once fitted, you get your partner to shove it in and start the buzzing. 

A remote control makes it easy and fun to control the speed. I did it in on a low setting to begin with. Mmmm…fuck, it felt good. All the pleasures of regular sex but with added tingle. 

Here is a #NSFW sex diagram on how to use this fantabulous little gizmo.

Beyond adding stimulation, using a vibrator with a partner opens up communication. It makes fucking extra playful. What I love about the WeVibe III is that it’s a truly shared experience. It feels amazing for him, gives my clit a good buzz, and has a remote, which means both our hands are free to tug each other’s hair, suck on each other’s fingers, slap each other and hold on tightly.

Oh yes, it felt good. Damn good. Next up, I’ll dish about how we used our Aslan Leather Cuffs.

~ Cordelia Comealot

Find WeVibe at The Everything To Do With Sex Show this weekend! Nov 2-4 at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre

For more info, check out the WeVibe website. If you go to the Everything To Do With Sex Show, you can examine one of these gadgets up close and get tips on the myriad ways of incorporating vibrators into your steamy sex life. Meow…

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