Cottage Coveting

By Karen Cleveland
As much as hot summer nights in the city are relished, there is something to be said for heading north, to a quiet cottage retreat. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to such an abode, enjoy it. If not, you’re likely wondering how to subtly score an invitation.

Couple positive affirmation (envision your bikini-clad self on a dock) with some well-placed hints to those in your inner social circle. Is there a friend-of-a-good-friend that regularly hosts company? Let them know how much you’d love a little escape out of the city and that you’ve heard great things about their place.

And place your hints carefully…you don’t want a pity invite that will make you the 3rd wheel on a romantic getaway, or an odd addition to a family weekend.

If you get an invitation, jump on it with gratitude! Ask what time to arrive, what to bring, how many people will be there (plan to doing a meal for the host/other guests … ideally coupled with a few pitchers of something awesome). In addition to pitching in for consumables (by a cash contribution and/or bringing some to share), plan to help make meals, wash up after them and generally make yourself useful (try not to sleep until 1pm if the rest of the place starts sorting out breakfast at 10am, don’t highjack the iPod and self-appoint yourself the DJ).

Bring a little something for your hosts to show your thanks. More tips at — and load up on the SPF!

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