A friend visiting from Brooklyn recently told me that he needs to find a girlfriend who’s as tall as him so he can steal her clothes. One of the fringe benefits of couple-hood (or roommate-hood, or sibling-hood) is doubling your sartorial options. Who doesn’t love stealing items from the wardrobe of your significant other and curling up in clothes that carry their unique and yummy smell? (Not applicable re: roommates ands siblings. Let’s de-Lannister this sentence).

Mutual shopping trips seem to make good sense, even if you’re not into sharing your stuff. Finding a place where the options for both genders are equally excellent is a rare and delightful thing that will save any co-ed shopping trip from the classic “half-reading-a-magazine-while-the-other-person-looks-at-socks” dilemma. Especially if you can look as good team-shopping as these two Toronto couples, who Jacflash invited to raid their shelves for Valentine’s Day. Why not buy each other something and agree to wear it on your Valens-date? 

It’s kind of sexy to shop with your boy or girlfriend. Where else am I going to use all my “That would look better on my bedroom floor” jokes? THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW! But no sex in the champ[change] room.

For his ‘n’ hers shopping, Jacflash is located at 1036 Queen St. W.