We’ve been fans of Gemini-nominated site Crankytown.ca for a long time. And now, there’s yet another reason to love the ladies who gave young girls a safe space to talk about their periods on the internet (and give back at the same time). They’re co-sponsoring a benefit screening of Miss Representation with Fresh Restaurants (noms).

Miss Representation, a documentary by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, premiered at Sundance and aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The doc, which focuses on media literacy, is part of a campaign to help women realize their power and potential, and you will be shocked by some of the ignorant and downright offensive coverage of strong female leaders still being presented by respected media outlets. Interviewees who share their perspectives include Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Margaret Cho, Rosario Dawson and Gloria Steinem.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you out to see the film, benefits from ticket sales will go to Huru International. For millions of girls around the world, sanitary products are still a luxury. Huru teams up with partners like Crankytown to ensure girls don’t miss school because they’re on their periods. A donation of $25 can help a girl stay in school for a year.

Miss Representation Benefit Screening, Tuesday, February 28th
The Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Ave.
Tickets are available at all Fresh Restaurant locations and are between $10-15.

~ Haley Cullingham