Despite the thunderstorms and overcast weather, Cy’s 2nd birthday party was an all around success! 

Of course, of all the days for Cy to be grumpy, it had to be his birthday. I mean – who’s grumpy on their bday? For a generally very happy and agreeable kid he sure has a bad sense of timing. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and everything made him unhappy. He didn’t want his breakfast, he didn’t want his fruit, he didn’t want to play. He just wanted to sulk, suck his thumb, and watch Fireman Sam. The only thing that managed to put a smile on his face that morning was his birthday present from mommy and daddy – his very first tricycle! He hasn’t figured out how to peddle yet but he loves it none the less. Phew! 

Once the guests started showing up, and the rain really started coming down, Cy cheered up. How could he not?! Grandpa flew over from Kelowna for the special occasion, and all his favourite people were there to celebrate (and spoil him rotten). Plus there was watermelon! And gifts! And balloons! And of course, a very hungry caterpillar cake (courtesy of Lynda and her supremely talented bakers at It’s the Icing on the Cake in Leslieville)!

Hard to believe that two years ago today I was lying all doped up in the hospital, watching the Masters, and waiting for our Little Walnut to arrive. And now he’s not a little walnut anymore but a little man. They grow up so fast…sob.