In the pro-porn movement that took over the American porn scene in the early 2000’s, Madison Young is heralded as one of the leading pioneers of Feminist Porn. Like Courtney Trouble and Shine Louise Houston, Young creates pornographic works of art that speak to the masses that are underrepresented in mainstream pornography.

From bondage to suspension to education and art, Madison Young is more than a pornstar; she is an entrepreneur, an artist and gallery director, a sex educator, a loving mother and wife. A redheaded vision, Madison makes love like you have never seen anyone make love before. Her heart and soul come through every passionate kiss. Each whip and chain is carefully placed and joyfully received. Oh yeah, Young is also the queen of S&M. And now, she’s written a memoir that encompasses all the aspects of her fascinating life and personality.

The relevance of submission and mastery, sadism and maschocism, has been made into her life’s work; From a tortourous and heart-wrenching relationship with an absentee father to the strife she faced on the playground at the hands of cruel boys as a freckled schoolgirl, Daddy renegotiates how we understand ourselves, our relationships and our love.

The memoir  focuses on the solace Madison has found in her fantasy with her new, ever-loving Daddy, Mr. Mogul, who is himself the King of S&M with a large following across America. But not all that glitters is gold as Young exposes the raw emotions of infidelity and the strenuous journey back to a trusting relationship that quite literally suspends her heart in mid-air.

Women who choose to read this book (as I highly suggest) need be forewarned: You are entering territory that will at time makes you uncomfortable. You will question your own constructions and understandings of love and how they came to be. You will tear down the life-long structures you have had around desire, both emotional and physical. What you once understand to be a solid ground of self-knowledge and truth will be questioned again and again as you delve deep into the psyche that is Madison Young. It is a beautiful place to be, filled with passion, love, lust and above all trust. Should you be so brave, you will be greatly rewarded.

“Mr. Mogul bound my upper thigh and lower arms, then bound my calves to my thighs, positioned me on my elbows and knees on the filthy Armoury floor. The floor was cold, hard, and damp with emotion and history. He whipped my ass … This was my place, where I belonged. I remembered something Pablo Picasso once said ‘Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.’ We must tear down the walls of our identity, our relationship, everything comfortable we thought we once knew in order to rebuild.”

Madison Young’s memoir is available on Amazon.

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