by Zoe Shapiro

Why is it that a comedic film’s target audience is almost always the beer swilling fratboy? Newsflash Hollywood; I wear 5 inch heels, will drink mojitos after a successful brazilian, and I too like to giggle. It’s time to start paying more attention to the ladies. Especially in this year, when the top grossing female-lead film of all time (The Blind Side) blew away box office competition and earned Sandra Bullock an Oscar (solidarity, sister). Plus, wild success has been projected for a little bitty film called Sex and the City Deux. It’s time the industry thought about catering to us intelligent girls a bit more!

Which is why, after seeing the movie Date Night, I feel the need to spread the gospel. This film is laugh out loud, bladder constricting, eyeball-leaking funny. Tina Fey and Steve Carell star as Mr and Mrs Boring New Jersey who decide to spice things up with a date night in Manhattan. Antics ensue.

Any devotee of The Office and 30 Rock knows that these two come to play, and Fey and Carell don’t disappoint. Instead of relying on the thinly constructed, frat boy premise for laughs, the comedy is in the line readings, chemistry, improvisations and witty humour of the two leads. Imagine that; two real grownups being hilarious rather than manboys and starlets who work on their tans more than their comedic timing.

If that’s not incentive enough to see if Date Night tickles your funny bone, I can give you two more. 1. Marky Mark Wahlberg, shirtless and sexy. 2. The luscious rapper Common who I may or may not have had several inappropriate thoughts about (hint: I have).

Check it out on a cloudy day or when you need an endorphin pick me up. I defy you not to giggle.