Dear Rouge is travelling from the west coast to take the Garrison stage this Sunday at Field Trip. If you are feeling jaded, due to your fledgling arts career or recent breakup, the musical love story between Danielle and Drew may give you hope.

After years of failed artistic pursuits, Danielle was ready to put her singing career to bed. Then she met Drew. “I met Drew when I was in a jaded time in my life,” says the songstress, who grew up listening to Christian rock in Red Deer, Alberta. “He said, ‘Why don’t we just do a project for fun? Get in the studio and record with no intentions.’” So they recorded an EP together, for fun, and it sat on a shelf while their romance continued. “We dated, got married, and it just sat there.” It was only when they heard about The PEAK Performance Project – a contest that awards cash prizes to emerging musicians – that they felt prompted to do something with that EP.

After being accepted, they got shortlisted, and then won the whole dang thing! With money in their pocket, they took that opportunity to charge ahead with their music; they’ve been killing it ever since.

This will be their first time at Field Trip and Danielle is super stoked to play mere hours before her long-time obsession: Robyn. Beyond joining the crowds front of stage, they’re excited to take in all that Field Trip has to offer: “We know some of the guys from Arts & Crafts – they’re super creative people, so we think the festival will be really artistic, creative, exciting, fun…it’s going to be cool to take it all in.”

Field Trip marks the kickoff of a summer FULL of festival touring. (Ten in total!) While spending summer months at festivals like Coachella and Squamish has become something they look forward to, Danielle’s fondest summer will always be when she met Drew, “It was the summer of love. It was like a song. We wouldn’t sleep. We spent all our savings on hanging out together.”

Okay, we love their music, but C’MON, how adorable are these two??? Summer lovin’ right here.

Field Trip is happening June 4 & 5 at Fort York / Garrison Commons. Ticket info and schedule here.