Women are changing the landscape of design through creative uses of materials and technology. To demo this firsthand, Daily Goods Design Labs is bringing together female designers, fashionistas and technology experts for a series on how today’s women design for women.

The event includes a talk by Daily Goods Design LABS Founder, Renn Scott, followed by talks from Mary Chong (founder of Revelo Electric), Adriana Ieraci (founder of Get Your Bot On! and Conveyor Built), Theresa Maguire (Kate + Chase) and Erika Iserhoff (Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator). After the event wraps, you’ll be able to meet-and-greet with the presenters. Find out what it takes to imagine, make and create the future of clothing, accessories, and product concepts for women.

The event takes place on January 17th at Lab TO (231 Wallace Terrace). Grab your ticket here.