Dirty Martinis with Geoffrey Rush at Parkdale's Salvador Darling

My attempt to worm into the Fubar 2 after party at Wrongbar was a total bust. Killing time before meeting a friend at The Drake, I decided to grab a bar stool at Salvador Darling. A lovely fifty-something gentleman, named Geoffrey, bought me a dirty martini, and we struck up conversation. We talked about Australia (where he is from), family life, aging, the film festival and a plethora of other worldly topics. Anyway, Geoff was there because he is friends with the owner, Tanya Grossi – they met in the Caribbean. We bummed a smoke from a dude outside, and shared it in a doorway. Then I parted and headed to The Drake. Waking up today – I started to piece it all together – Aussie, Tiff, Carribbean – and with a frantic google search – I quickly discovered that the lovely gentleman was Geoffrey Rush. Oh you know – he was in Shakespeare in Love, Munich, Elizabeth, Pirates of the Caribbean – all of them, and won an Oscar for Best Actor in Shine. Rush is at TIFF for The King’s Speech and co-stars alongside Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter. Shit, if there was ever a moment where I lost all cred as a TIFF reporter – this would be it.


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    September 10, 2010

    Hahahaha amazing!

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