Rich, delectable chocolates are a pretty safe bet to win over your Valentine – but what if you made them yourself? It’s a done deal.

On February 13th, Emily Zimmerman (Pear and Pepper) is offering a fun, hands-on workshop introducing basic techniques for chocolate and truffle making at The Dep (1033 College St). You’ll leave with a box full of delicious handmade chocolates made with organic, fair-trade and locally processed ChocoSol chocolate, as well as a recipe pack, and the skills and inspiration to make all kinds of seductive sweets.

Your hand-crafted treats will cover a range of sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy or spicy toppings – customizable to your taste. You’ll learn how to make white chocolate from scratch, as well as fondant and ganache to fill your truffles, and how to temper chocolate for a long-lasting, glossy finish. You’ll also whip up a quick and easy batch of delicious roses-des-sables (crunchy chocolate “haystacks” make with GF cornflakes).

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