30 minutes / Beginner-knitter / $13

If you’re a knitter you will probably already have most of these items lying around your house. Since it doesn’t use a lot of yarn, this is a really great project for using up old yarn that you might have!


  1. Cast on 8 stitches
  2. Knit using garter stitch (knit all rows) until piece measures approximately 7 inches without stretching (if you have a mug you can use this for sizing – stretch the piece to check to see if it fits almost all of the way around)
  3. Sew button onto one of the ends of your piece.
  4. Using a piece of extra yarn, make a loop on the opposite end of your piece, and tie together to keep the loop intact
  5. Embellish the mug warmer in any way that you please! I used some pink yarn and a tapestry needle to create a heart shape



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