Dogs across Canada love MyPuppy.Ca! Have you signed your pup up?

So many dogs are raving about MyPuppy.Ca! Rufus, Mr. Bojangles, Ron (Burger) Burgundy, Milton and more have been emailing Rocky to enter the MyPuppy.Ca contest and let him know that they also love this go-to site for Canadian puppies.

Have you signed your pup up? Do it! Whether your dog is still a puppy or not, MyPuppy.Ca will help you through all the stages of your pups first year. It is a 24/7 resource for when things happen and you need a quick answer and when you sign up you get an awesome puppy kit with free dog food.

In the meantime, how cute are all of these dogs? These are just some of the pups who’ve entered Rocky’s MyPuppy.Ca contest. Has your dog sent Rocky a photo? Here’s what you could win and how to enter! We want pics of your adorable pets! ALL THE TIME! Never stop sending them 🙂

Woof. Dogs rule.

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