This Thursday, The Pendulum Project kicks off its spring programming with The Cusp & The Middle: a solo exhibition of emerging Northern Irish artist, Aaron Moore. Using analogue, digital photography and installation, it is an exploration of abandonment, displacement and home.

“I’ve been working closely with the artist for the past couple months, so seeing his ideas strengthen and evolve has been very inspiring,” notes Alexia Bréard-Anderson, The Pendulum Project’s program director. “I think what initially drew me to this body of work was that sense of nostalgia, of alienation and missing home but not recognizing it any more. Much like Aaron who moved to Toronto from Northern Ireland a couple of years ago, I’ve always had a difficult time pinpointing where home is and how it affects my identity and behaviour.”

After moving to Toronto from Buenos Aires almost three years ago, Bréard-Anderson founded Lexiquette: an online platform dedicated to sharing cultural happenings and in-depth interviews with emerging artists in the city.

“I’ve met and collaborated with so many amazing people through these interviews, so I think having created The Pendulum Project is a sort of manifestation of that drive and inspiration and hopefully evidence that joining forces creatively can go far,” she says.

The Pendulum Project focuses on increasing recognition for young, emerging artists in the city and strengthening community through art and conversation.

The Cusp & The Middle will be followed by Build Yourself a Home: a panel discussion hosted by on Thursday March 24th and an intimate screening of the 1995 documentary by Desmond Bell, Dancing on Narrow Ground: Youth & Dance in Ulster, on Sunday, March 27th at 8 PM. All events take place at Studio 223A at 223A Augusta Ave.