Mother’s Day is almost here! (Have you booked your brunch yet?) In honour of mom’s everywhere, we teamed up with The Drake this year for an adorable Mother’s Day photo shoot. We also got up-close and personal with each Drake Mom to find out her best advice into the wonderful and challenging ride that is motherhood.

Julia Maddin is the Drake General Store’s Assistant Buyer and Visual Manager. She is also a mama to seven-month-old Llewyn and five-year-old Noelle. Julia herself knows the challenge and accomplishment of balancing work and motherhood (“I don’t know how anyone has more than two kids.”)

We caught up with Julia to find out how her own mother has influenced her parenting, and what her beautiful kids are teaching her along the way.


Your best advice for a new mom:

Resist the temptation to read mommy blogs; you’ll loose your mind. (You will also spend way too much time trying to figure out all the abbreviated lingo. DH, FTM, EBF…I could go on.)

What is one of the greatest lessons your mom taught you?

Work hard, but never strive for perfection. My mother was pretty close to the perfect mom: pristine house, great cook, and clean, well-mannered children. But I also have memories of her being frustrated or rolling her eyes. I think I’m pretty similar. I work very hard to do it all, but sometimes enough is enough, and that okay. I’m very lucky to have her help today with my two children.

What have you recently learned from your children?

My five year old told me I needed to stay hydrated.

What family activity do you really cherish?

We go on walks together. It’s almost the only thing we can all do at the same time.

If your kids are old enough to talk, what do they say about the Drake?

Noelle says I have three works: The restaurant, the store and the box place (my office is located in the warehouse).


What is a recent accomplishment that you’re proud of?

Keeping everyone alive and staying sane. I don’t know how anyone has more than two kids.

Which children’s books are favourites in your home?

Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson (love all her stories). That one is particularly nice because it’s illustrated by Rebecca Cobb, who is also wonderful.

How do you introduce your kids to cool culture?

I’ve learned you can introduce them to whatever you want but in the end she still likes Katy Perry and unboxing videos on YouTube. We do our best to show her what’s out there but this girl has very specific taste.

What is your recommendation for families looking to enjoy life at The Drake?

Road trip to PEC. We took a spontaneous trip to Drake Devonshire last fall right after Llewyn was born. We pulled Noelle from school and got in the car. My husband showed her how to skip stones on the lake while I snuggled a napping baby, soaking up the fall sun. I’m sure I will never forget that visit – such a great moment.