Mother’s Day is here! In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’ve been profiling Drake Moms all week long and sharing pics from our first-ever Mother’s Day photo shoot with these wonderful women and their kids.

For this installment, we spoke with The Drake’s CFO, Rena McDonald. Rena is a mother to Erica, 29; Elizabeth 29; and Sarah 22. (Elizabeth missed the photoshoot as she lives in Texas.) Rena is no newbie when it comes to motherhood, so we were eager to hear her sage wisdom!

Thank you to all Drake Moms for sharing your insight into the beautiful and challenging world that is motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!


Your best advice for a new mom:

Enjoy the moment and don’t stress the small stuff.

What is one of the greatest lessons your mom taught you?

No matter what, family always comes first.

What have you recently learned from your children?

It is okay at times to take a step back and have some fun.

What family activity do you really cherish?

It was very important that we had dinner together every night. It was our time to have open conversations about the day’s events, school, friends, and sometimes have some interesting debates.

What do your kids say about the Drake?

The girls love The Drake. Great place to meet friends and family, enjoy the food, drinks and entertainment.

What is a recent accomplishment that you’re proud of?

I am proud of many things in my life, but nothings beats being a mother. My husband and I are very proud of children. They each have very different passions but they each have grown up to be successful human beings, with strong values and high integrity.

Which children’s books are favourites in your home?

Robert Munsch and Mercer Mayer books were always popular to read.

How do you introduce your kids to cool culture?

I believe they initially introduced me to cool culture; however, I found myself introducing them to the arts, cool findings at the Drake General Store, and they are always in for a dinner at the Drake…sushi platters to start.

What is your recommendation for families looking to enjoy life at The Drake?

All venues have something to offer to all family members. The friendly staff is always ready to happily take care of you.