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Dreaming of Spring: Stylish Citizens of Toronto Share Their Spring Wishes

Photographer Becca Lemire hit the streets to snap stylish peeps and ask them: what are you looking forward to most this spring?

With the weather being all WTF, we’re mostly hoping for a day in April that doesn’t require a scarf and snow boots. IT WILL HAPPEN SOON! And when it does, we’ll meet you on the patio to celebrate with some tall cans and rosé.


Genna, student: I’m looking forward to graduating from college.


Chantelle, brand and marketing manager: Sitting on the Bellwoods Brewery patio.


Inez, Hayley Elasaesser guardian angel: The metamorphosis that spring brings.


Altair, student: Wearing cute clothes.


Kaila, hairstylist at Brennen Demelo salon: Looking forward to letting my legs out!


Andi, student: My exams being over.


Justi, fashion and beauty editor: Walking in the sunshine.


Roslyn (left) truck driver, and Brigitte (right) between jobs: Fruits flies (joking) and fancy dresses.


Rob, retired: The weather.


Alexis (left) student, and Caroline (right) student: Sunshine and warm nights.


  1. April 23, 2016

    Love street style! Thanks for collecting and highlighting these great spring looks.

  2. ThangNguyen2
    July 4, 2016

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