Looking ethereal and edgy in an Alice-In-Wonderland-esque Alexander McQueen dress and bleached blonde bob, Drew Barrymore hitched up her skirt and hit up Sweaty Betty’s, ducking behind the bar to pass out brews to her crowd of mates, WHIPping the tiny space into a frenzy.

Drew had a right to blow off some steam-introducing your directorial debut with a passionate speech about the inclusiveness of roller derby is a trying task. Not to mention sitting in a crowded theatre anxiously awaiting audience reaction. No wonder she brought Justin Long with her for support (emotional, not tech.) But Drew had the love of the audience-and the roller derby community as well. And with cans of Stiegl in her hands and amazing green polish on her fingers, she’s a girl after our own heart.

Whilst Ellen Page pouted behind the jukebox (in a scene that might as well have been stripped from the next stomach-melting indie movie), Team Drew partied hearty, despite getting shut down by last call. (TORONTO CAN YOU HEAR ME-EXTEND IT PERMANENTLY! WE’LL GET MORE DREW!) Damn, girl makes being famous look fun.