Everyone’s favourite feminist laugh collective, Drunk Feminist Films, is coming to The Royal Cinema on College to bring you everyone’s favourite horny nightmare, Cruel Intentions. Watch a 90s classic through fresh eyes and mourn a lack of meaty contemporary roles for Selma Blair. Tickets are on sale!

Three members of the DFF cast shared their most er… memorable makeouts in honour of the confusing feelings that accompanied watching the film as a teenager:

Steph Guthrie:

Once my ex-bf and I were staying with a friend of his who had a bunch of birds as pets. One of those birds slept in a cage in the same room we were sleeping in. When we were starting to get down to business, I started to take off my shirt and heard a wolf-whistle. I stopped and gave ex-bf a withering glance. He’s like, “It wasn’t me.” I’m like, “Okay sure.” I start to take off my shirt a second time. I hear a wolf-whistle AGAIN. Turns out this bird fucker had been TRAINED to wolf-whistle whenever someone removed their shirt.

Amy Wood:

When I was invited to my first makeout party at age thirteen, I didn’t know what makeout parties were. I don’t think I had even made eye contact with a boy in my life. So when I got there and finally understood what was happening, I was like NO THANKS and literally hid for the entire time. I am still, to this day, very fun at parties.

Shaunna Bruton:

A little while ago I went on a date with this guy who was smart, funny, attractive, etc. and he totally wooed me. Then at the end of the date he quite literally ate my face. Like took my makeup off. We didn’t go on another date.

Tickets for Drunk Feminist Films: $15 General Admission, $12 Student/Senior
Friday June 24 – Doors 7:30, Show 9:00
Saturday June 25 – Doors 7:30, Show 9:00

Check out the Facebook event for more details.