We love when Halloween falls midweek, because it means not one but TWO Halloweekends.

One of our fave parties from last weekend was Dudebox’s CARWASH OF DOOM. The only thing more epic than the actual retro carwash setting was the attendees’ level of commitment to costumed glory. Big ups to everyone who brought it in homemade attire, with special mention going to: the guy whose costume was Grindr (hope you got some, my man!), the super realistic Robin Thicke/Miley combo (hope you did not get some with each other while in costume, my pals!), the ladies who decided to dress sexy because it’s our lives and why the heck not (you probably don’t have a hard time gettin’ some in general, you fierce babes), and most especially to the guy whose costume was “on a roller coaster.” You’re all Kings and Queens of Halloween, plus you raised $10,000 for ManifesTO!

Relive the spooOOooooOooky action in our photo gallery below: