Dudebox Toronto Party & Charity Collective Presents: BOSS on Saturday March 3

I see the party scene going in a generous direction. People want to give back, and do it in the most awesomest of ways. Notable DJs, promoters and just generally real cool, creative people-about-town are expanding that mentality across the Toronto party scene with their mold-busting jams. Dudebox is a not-for-profit collective who throws parties for charity, run by the 5 young dudes Said Yassin, Ahmad Taib, Rob Dyer, Ian Kennedy, Jose Marti and Daniel Tal.

Their 9th Charity Party, Dudebox Presents: BOSS takes place this Saturday, March 3rd at Creatures Creating, 627 Queen St W (at Bathurst) with Toronto DJ James Redi spinning tunes & Dudebox member and Skate 4 Cancer “Terry Fox on 2 Wheels”  himself Rob Dyer starting the night off on the decks.

What started out as your regular late night Toronto house-parties filled with beautiful people & get-wasted-shit-shows have now evolved into a successful Charity Party model that has raised almost $20,000 for causes like Sick Kids Hospital and Doctors Without Borders. Funds from BOSS coming up will go to summer camps for orphans in Haiti through Operation Groundswell and Grassroots United. The collective seeks different and unique venues for each party: their last one was held in a gym.

Why give a crap about attending a party, where, by your mere attendance, you are giving back? In the words of the Dudes themselves: 

“2012. Year of the apocalypse. Here’s your list of priorities:

-Instagram popularity
-girl/boyfriend duties
-HD porn subscription
-34 “likes” on your Fbook post about the morning commute

Here’s ours:
-total f&*%ing destruction
-picture of Said’s naked black ass on the cover of NOW with the headline “Yassin for President”
-a clean sponge and a goddamn Swiffer sweeper
-your skull (or hat, either one)
-a “cease and desist” warning letter from Oprah Corporation (it’s complicated)

Clearly, this is our year. What better way to kick it off then to take over a gallery and cover it in beer and gross.”   

Dudebox on Twitter | Dudebox on Facebook

Event page with more hilariousness.

Dudebox Presents: BOSS, 10pm, 627 Queen St W @ Creatures Creating Gallery, $5 

~ Becca Lemire


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