When I lived in Toronto, Dundas West was my jam. Give me the Lakeview, Dalston Grey, Brockton General, The Red Light…ah yes, it has a little of everything (including a barber shop that I still don’t know the name of with an incredible photo of 90210‘s Dylan McKay in the window).

To celebrate this awesome part of town, the Dundas West BIA partnered up with the Little Portugal BIA to bring you the Dundas West Fest this Saturday, June 8 from 11am to 10pm.

The street will be closed to cars (hoo-rah!), meaning this is going to be one serious street party. There will be live music, buskers, free gallery tours, a photographer, free dance lessons, chalk art, outdoor exhibits, and more! Browse the great selection shops, stop by amazing restaurant and cafe patios for some refreshments, and see what other fun things this neighbourhood has to offer (hint: a lot of fun things).