Summertime is upon us. The air is thick, the smog hangs low, and for those of us without AC, life can get a little intense. Be prepared for the onslaught of arguments with your roommates because, OMG…IT’S TOO HOT!

You’re probably about ready to pull out that dusty fan from 1985, or the ugly box that ruins your window view and cools approximately one and a half rooms. Instead, we’re recommending the Dyson Pure Cool Link to help you beat the heat and smog this summer!

This thing is magnificent. It’s quiet, distributes cool air effectively and subtly, and there are 10 settings to choose from instead of the usual 3, where 1 is Areyoukiddingme? I can’t feel anything! and 3 is WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR A THING! People, there are a lot of bad fans out there.

But we haven’t even told you what’s AWESOME about this thing: it’s not just a fan but also an air purifier! And you can monitor your household air quality on your smartphone! We know it works REALLY well because when we’re cooking, and things have gotten a bit burnt, the graph spikes from Good Air Quality to Fair. How cool is that?

Need-to-know machine highlights:

  • Using the new Dyson Link App, users can remotely monitor the indoor air quality via their smartphone – even if they are out of the house
  • When set to automatic, Dyson Pure Cool Link monitors, reacts and purifies – then reports to the Dyson Link App
  • Filter has been pleated over two hundred times, meaning it can trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns – including pollen, bacteria, viruses and ultra-fine particles
  • Three sensors in the machine detect the indoor air quality level, as well as temperature and humidity level
  • It acts as a purifying cool fan in warmer months and purifies all year round
  • Available as a tower and desk purifier

Avoid driving to Home Depot to buy a fan out of desperation, or charging $600 your credit card for a crappy AC because you are a hot sweaty mess and you can’t think, can’t deal, and can’t do anything but bitch and moan, and consider the Dyson Pure!

Easy, breezy, beautiful Dyson Pure Cool Link. Chilllll, gurl, it’s summer.