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When I heard Elizabeth Taylor was twittering from her hospital bed, I experienced a surge of pure delight. (Not…because she was in the hospital.) The Dame’s tweets are sweet and sassy, running the gamut from discussing her diamonds to supporting various charities, but my favourite so far has to be this wee gem of Taylor-wisdom: “I’ve never been double-crossed by a sweet puppy or a lion in the jungle.” There’s nothing like twitter to remind you how different your life is from the celebrities you follow. Case in point: I tweet about getting a free pass to a wine tour, Elizabeth Taylor tweets about a friend thoughtfully gifting her…a Matisse. Taylor’s tweets are always grammatically correct and dignified, whether she’s plugging her pearl’s place of prominence in Cartier’s window, or respectfully asking a friend to sneak her puppy past hospital security. Taylor is reportedly only in the hospital for a routine visit, and will be out soon, but will be twittering like a maniac, bed-rest or no! And while you’re adding people to twitter, follow us tonight when the @shedoesthecity team will be LIVE twittering from MTV, for Lauren Conrad’s (last…ever?) visit to The Aftershow. Cross fingers Kristen Cavallari doesn’t show up instead.

Follow her: @DameElizabeth

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