It’s Easter weekend, and depending on the generosity of your employer/educational institution, you’ve got about four days off. Four precious days to escape the "winter’s STILL not over yet?" blahs and venture somewhere new and exciting, to re-invigorate your spirit and remind you that summer fun is just around the corner. So, where are we going? She Does The City does [another] city, to give you the perfect long weekend getaway.


STAY: The New York Loft Hostel.
In an awesome Brooklyn neighbourhood, close to the subway, closer to tons of great bars and local eateries, and clean as a whistle. Free parking on the weekend right outside, and they give you breakfast! (If you can wake up in time-bars in this city are open laaate, and if you get home before 4 in the morning, you’re doing something wrong.) Best of all? It’s super cheap. Say hi to the giant, creepy plaster Santa for us!

DRINK: Brooklyn Wreck Room:Graffiti-covered, local-filled, with tall cans of Miller for $3.50. Play some pool and do a Brooklyn two-step with plaid-clad hipsters to KRS-One, or kick back and do some Best Beard Spotting. 940 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Daddy’s: According to Vice, the best bar in Brooklyn. According to us, WE AGREE! When we were there, it was still clad in half-assed Mardi Gras decorations, and they were spinning bizarre country folk while people shouted at each other over lit candles. Plus, the bar looks like a pirate ship, and it’s down the street from some delicious pizza. SOLD! 437 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY (Graham Ave L Train stop)

DO: A day in Manhattan. Take a walk around Central Park, then make your way to the Guggenheim. You have to do at least one museum, and no matter how far you make it up the spiral, you’ll be amazed by what you see. This could include but will not be limited to a drum circle in a room full of soundwaves, and Allen Ginsberg’s penis.

EAT: Mac and Cheese at Life Cafe, just around the corner from Loftstel, and some greasy, greasy breakfast at Tina’s, where they have pies and a Butterball turkey sitting side by side behind the glass counter.

EMBRACE: The L Train, it will take you everywhere you need to go. And the fact that you will end up lost in Hoboken, New Jersey, driving past some terrifying junk yards, the first time you try to find the Holland Tunnel. But that’s all part of the fun.