At Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary Gala, The Hoxton filled up fast with girls wearing little black dresses and bright red lips, all eager to catch UK hip-hop-soul songstress Estelle. While so many TIFF parties have an air of pretentiousness, this one was all about getting glammed up and having fun. When a pack of Shedoesthecity writers collide with it-bloggers Casie Stewart, Raymi The Minx and Lauren O’Nizzle, there really is no telling where the night will go. And it went, until the sun came up.

When we weren’t shaking our booty like nobody’s business, we were dressing up and snapping pics in the photobooth and hitting the bedazzled bathroom for a Joe Fresh makeup touch up. With about five hundred guests, The Hoxton was buzzing with excitement but not too crowded to get right up close for when Estelle gave the crowd a lesson on how to bump n’ grind. A slight shortage in dudes led us to bump, grind and wiiiine with each other; arching our backs and wearing 3-inch pumps, we nearly toppled to the floor. 

A no-bull straight shooter, Estelle didn’t shy away from speaking her mind “Shit, turn up the music, I want them to feeeel it!” Oh, we felt it! And when American Boy began, we sang it too. Wearing a glittery, hip-hugging disco dress and a hot red bob, Estelle sort of looked like an ice cold DC. But smokin’ hot. Although centre stage was all about the reggaeton, The Hoxton walls projected scenes of Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor, as an ode to old Hollywood style. 

Finishing with a rock solid cover of Real Love by Mary J. Blige, guests left on a high note. On our way out, we grabbed a six pack of DC that was enjoyed later over grilled cheese and laughs at The Lakeview Diner.

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