Sort of like us. Dustin and I ended up getting married after having our first child, which meant that our departure for our honeymoon was somewhat bittersweet. We were ecstatic to be celebrating our marriage and each other. We had a beautiful ceremony and a memorable evening surrounded by friends and loved ones. Not to mention, we were also exhausted with all the work leading up to the wedding, and desperate for a few much needed days off. We always have a fantastic time when traveling together so we were so looking forward to another exciting adventure. The bittersweet part, of course, was having to leave behind our little munchkin. For 10 days. And for the first time, we would both be gone at the same time. Needless to say, we were worried. And sad. And guilt-ridden. I pretty much burst out in tears the moment we pulled away from the house.

Cy, of course, was in the best of hands. The first half of his vacation was getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. The second by Babcia and Dziadek. Oh the life. Frankly, I’m not really sure he noticed we were gone.

Us on the other hand…well, it was great. The first few days in Mallorca were bliss. Beautiful. Secluded. Relaxing. I feel a little guilty saying this, but we relished being alone – we could nap all day, sit by the pool for hours. We could do whatever, whenever, without having our life dictated by someone else’s schedule. We had forgotten what it was like living childless. And it was amazing! But our newlywed bliss was quickly cut short when another couple arrived at our intimate 12-room finca and parked their baby stroller right next to my sun lounger by the pool. Who brings their newborn baby to a romantic getaway???

The 8 month old baby girl was very well behaved. She didn’t disturb me one bit. But she did remind me of my little Cy guy at home. Suddenly, it was all I could think about. How much he loves the water and swimming pools. How he would have pointed at the limes growing on the trees and said ‘ba!’ How fascinated he would have been with all the little geckos running across the limestone walkways. Maybe we should have brought him with us. We were bad parents. So selfish…abandoning him like that.

Then Dustin’s dad sent us photos of Cy having a blast eating his breakfast at home, hanging out with his grandparents, and our worries subsided. He was having just as much fun at home as we were in Spain. Phew.