Everyone wants tickets to The Nutcracker but what does The National Ballet's Principal Dancer, Heather Ogden, want for Christmas?

Little girls and boys, young and old, wait all year to see the Sugar Plum Fairy make her magical entrance on stage. Yes, The National Ballet’s Nutcracker is a beloved holiday tradition for all but has anyone ever asked principal dancer, Heather Ogden, what she wants for Christmas? Although she will bring us holiday fantasy and whimsy, the gorgeous ballerina’s wish list is contrastingly quite practical.

Here’s what Heather Ogden, or The Sugar Plum Fairy, wants for Christmas:

A new wallet from m0851
I love their leather. It’s soft, wears well and gets better with age.

A Soda Stream
My husband Guillaume Côté and I drink a lot of sparkling water and it would be convenient to be able to make as much as we want at home.

Cooking lessons
I like to cook but I never seem to have the time to dedicate to it. I think cooking lessons would inspire me to cook more often.(We recommend her husband look into Calphalon‘s sumptuous selection of classes.)

A bicycle
I love my Leslieville neighbourhood and would like to ride around and explore it in the summer. (We think Heather would suit a stylish Dutch bike from Curbside Cycle.)

I wouldn’t say no to a puppy!
Guillaume and I are always discussing what kind of puppy we would get and our current pick of the week is a Cockapoo.

From Dec 10th to Jan 3rd, The Four Seasons Centre will be packed with families eagerly awaiting the enchanting dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy; the classic ballet never fails to deliver the spirit of the season in the most magical way. Get your tickets now! 

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