Extra-Extra! Anna Dello Russo arrives at The Bay on Queen and is gifted a one-of-a-kind cape!!

ADR has arrived! ADR has arrived! Okay, if you are not deeply immersed in fashion then this name will mean nothing to you. But SO YOU KNOW Anna Dello Russo, or the editor at large of Vogue Japan, is a seriously big deal. When someone of this elite status comes to town you absolutely must gift them with an illustrious cape, and that is exactly what The Bay did.

Over San Pellegrino and “OMG, welcome!’ chit-chat (my interpretation of pics) The Bay’s Nicholas Mellamphy, wearing an oversized fuschia pink bow, is seen passing Dello Russo a neatly wrapped package.

And what do we have here? An iconic striped blanket turned coat-turned cape designed by Erdem, our star designer abroad. But that is not all the Canadian talent captured in this stylish photo opp. At Dello Russo’s side sits Canada’s famed street style blogger, Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil.  And now that she has the coat that we all suddenly covet, let the media junket begin!! (Will somebody please cue the munchkins to sound their horns!!)

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